Czech Hunter: The Lad With The Christmas Tree

The Czech Hunter cameraman was checking out his local bus station for any possible targets. It wasn’t long before he spied a young, cute thing with a Christmas Tree beside him waiting for his bus. He couldn’t resist and went over and tried to talk to him. The lad was very talkative and he smiled a lot. We find out that he has a girlfriend and is in need of money. So naturally our cameraman went for it and asked him the question. He agreed, grabbed his tree and just a while after that they were in a local hotel. His body was exactly right … plus his dick was surprisingly big for his body. While he was sucking the cameraman’s cock, nice and slowly, the cameraman was thinking about how much money to offer him for a fuck … it ended up being quite a lot – after all, it is the time for giving … Merry Christmas!

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Sean Cody: David and Tim: Bareback

Hot straight guys David and Tim got together for a sensational bareback fuck session with Sean Cody recently. Both guys are red-heads, with gorgeous muscular and well-defined bodies, hard cocks and willing holes … check them out!

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BelAmiOnline: Erik Bouna and Sascha Chaykin

It’s a sunny day in South Africa and BelAmiOnline model Erik Bouna is bored, sitting on the porch and playing with himself, bored, that is, until Sascha Chaykin comes along. Sascha has some ideas for excitement and Erik clearly is open to them! Starting with a BJ and moving on until he soon had Erik on all fours in a position of pleasure with Sascha fucking him bareback from behind!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad On The Tram

Since the Czech Hunter cameraman had been on crutches, people have been so helpful. And as it will still take couple of weeks for the leg to fully recover, he decided to use this to his advantage. Today he was sitting in a tram when he saw this blond twink sitting just in front of him … so he started his game. He let my crutches fall down, and when the kid noticed him he told him about his motorcycle accident and voila: all he had to do was offer him 500 crowns to help carry his shopping bags home. Once they arrived there he offered him more to show off his dick. He was really worried about the cam. He suffered from the “I-hate-Facebook-syndrome” and he had to promise him that he won’t post anything there …

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