Sean Cody: Cameron and Daniel: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

The tall and sexy Cameron has returned to Sean Cody to do his first duo … with the hot and masculine Daniel. Daniel has bottomed a few times before, and so he is the more experienced of the two … but in spite of this it’s very hot to see the look of pain and/or ecstasy on his face as the tall and hung Cameron inserts his rock hard cock into his tight arsehole for the first time … no condoms either!

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Sean Cody: Stu and Spencer

Category : Sean Cody

Stu and Spencer are two totally ripped and masculine guys who got together recently over at Sean Cody for a bareback fuck session … it’s super hot … check it out!

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Sean Cody: Curtis and Noel: Simultaneous Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Sean Cody

This update over at Sean Cody really must be one of the most amazing scenes ever! Not only do these two hot straight guys flip fuck other raw, but in once part of the video they actually do it simultaneously! Yep, somehow they are both flexible enough, and have just the right position, angle of penetration, long enough penises, you name it, everything was in perfect sync … and they were both actually impaling each other’s holes with their hard cocks at the exact same time! Check out the 12th and 13th images below, that way you can see what is happening at both ends!

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Sean Cody: Noel and Stu: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Noel and Stu are back in front of the Sean Cody cameras for a steamy (yes, they start off in the shower) bareback video for our viewing pleasure!

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