ChaosMen: Alexandro and Gerin RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Alexandro has a big fat cock, and it took ChaosMen a while to find someone willing to take it. Gerin was just the boy. Gerin responds to be bossed around, and Alexandro, while maybe not bossy, he definitely takes control of the situation and he totally got off on finding someone to take really take his cock. Gerin enjoyed it too, as his cock really springs to life while being fucked.

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ChaosMen: Curtis and Darius and Vander: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Curtis … Darius … Vander … three straight ChaosMen models … Raw Tag Teaming … what can you say about these three straight hunks when they get together and fuck each other … RAW … no condoms …. bareback … it’s amazing the positions these guys get themselves into … check it out below!

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ChaosMen: Darius and Foster: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Darius and Foster start off by stroking their own cocks in this hot ChaosMen shoot … sneaking peeks at each other’s equipment. Foster dives in for oral first, trying to get a feel to how to jerk and suck a cock with foreskin … something new to him. He does a great job as he wakes Darius’s cock up all the way. Darius returns the favour before he finally got Foster’s cock up inside him. This dude can definitely handle a big dick inside of him. There is no wincing or keeping his hand on Foster’s thigh so he won’t go too deep. He is hungry for it.

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ChaosMen: Kristopher and Tobin RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Tobin has been ass-fucked raw before at ChaosMen … by Taylor … and although he’s straight he says he doesn’t mind bottoming, but today he admitted he was relieved that Kristopher’s cock was not “quite as fat” as Taylor’s ! Kristopher was on his best game, hard and ready to fuck from the get-go … enjoy!

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