ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Kevin Texas

ChaosMen models Kevin Texas and Lorenzo, and their respective girlfriends, are friends. The guys have both indicated that they would be down for trying a full sex-scene together. Plus, Kevin was down with Lorenzo topping him. Kevin rarely bottoms, so the idea seemed like a good one. In the end tho, they ended up doing a flip fuck scene, and finally, after years, Kevin bred Lorenzo’s hole … which is really hot! Check it out below!

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ChaosMen: Aiden Asher and Daniel Greene: RAW

Daniel was in the mood to top and Aiden was ready to bottom in this bareback scene from ChaosMen. The guys start by making out, and Daniel quickly guides Aiden down to suck on his cock. Daniel returns the favour, then moves on to rimming Aiden’s hole. After some 69-sucking, Daniel pushes Aiden flat and slowly slides his cock in. Soon they move to a standing doggie-style, and it is fun to watch Aiden’s cock go from soft to hard each time Daniel starts fucking him.

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ChaosMen: Bailey and Kyle Wyncrest: RAW

Bailey really loves to be dominated, and Kyle certainly can be bossy! So, in this hot scene from ChaosMen, Kyle makes Bailey suck his dick, making him gag on it hard! He also makes him eat his arse too. Then, before fucking Bailey, Kyle licks his hole with spit and lube and suddenly shoves it into him deep. Giving his butt a few spanks to redden his cheeks to prove he’s the boss here! There is even some choking as Kyle really pounds him.

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ChaosMen: Cooper Reed and Lorenzo: Raw Flip Fuck

After seeing how sensual Lorenzo was, ChaosMen just knew they needed to put him with Cooper Reed! This is a very long video, because the two take their time toying, teasing, licking, sucking and fucking each other. If you are one of those viewers that just scrubs past the oral to the sex, you really should take some time and get into it with these guys! They are truly enjoying taking their time!

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