Czech Hunter: The Lad At The Local Market

Category : Czech Hunter

They have a pretty huge Vietnamese market in Prague. It’s close to the trains stop and although the Czech Hunter cameraman never buys stuff there, it’s still fun to go as it’s always full of young people. When he got there today he noticed a young guy with a broken toy-chopper in his hand. He wanted it to be repaired, but it was too damaged, so our cameraman offered him enough money for a new one … but he had to show off his dick first! He agreed and showed off his cock to the camera right there in public. And for a bit more cash he was even willing to suck dick in the nearby park … but how much further would he be prepared to go?

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Sean Cody: Blake and Liev: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

This week over at Sean Cody the hung and uncut Liev gets to stick his long cock deep within Blake’s tight little arsehole … bareback too! The guys fuck in a variety of positions, and by the wide smiles on their faces and the hardness of their cocks, they are obviously enjoying themselves!

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Lucas Kazan: Michele

Category : Lucas Kazan

Michele hails from Puglia (the ‘heel’ of Italy). Like most ‘Pugliesi’ he’s uncut and hung … with a big mushroom cock head … and is a walking contradiction. This 21 year old is into girls, but doesn’t dislike the guys. In fact, “man-on-man sex can be more fun”, he says. “And certainly less complicated”. So, what does this (mostly) straight guy like to do in bed with another man? “Bottoming”, Michele admits with candour. “If I am to top, I’d rather fuck a girl …” The cameraman for Lucas Kazan (Ettori Tosi) happily put him to the test … bareback!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad At The Train Station

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman had spent the weekend in a small hut in the nearby mountains together with some friends. Always when he returns to Prague from there he goes by train. Today he noticed a handsome young guy was at the station trying to sell things to passengers. He looked quite cute and the cameraman pretended to be interested in his products. After a while the lad said that he gets only paid by commission and that business had been bad the last days. Well, this was exactly the invitation our cameraman had been hoping for … so he offered the lad some money to check out his body and cock first. The lad agreed and pulled down his pants and our cameraman really liked what he saw, so he offered him even more cash for a blow-job … what will happen next!

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