ChaosMen: Colby and Cooper Reed

Colby came in to ChaosMen a month or so after he did his first solo shoot with them, and tried to perform in a duo scene with another guy, but being straight, he was not down for sucking cock or bottoming yet, and his huge dick just wouldn’t get hard enough to penetrate a man’s tight arsehole! Fast forward a few months and he’s back again, this time tho, he’s been preparing himself to bottom for another guy, and he’s even tried it in his personal life to make sure he’s okay with getting his butt fucked, and actually found he liked it! So, even tho we would all like to see his monster dick doing the fucking, today we instead get to see him sucking, 69-ing and getting raw fucked by Cooper Reed … and that means it’s gonna be a hot shoot to watch, as Cooper is a fine top, and as it turns out, Colby turns out to be an amazing bottom too!

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ChaosMen: Sage and Vander: RAW

Sage was actually very excited to return to ChaosMen and do “more”. “More” as in more gay sexy things with guys … in fact, the cameraman kept getting the feeling he might be more into guys then he first let on, but he could never get him to come right out and say it. In this video with Vander, he sure does seem to like to have his body worshiped, and LOVES having his cock sucked … but he found the fucking to be a challenge. He tends to fuck like jack-hammer, which while is a nice change, it does make it hard for the cameras to get in there and see what is happening. He was also struggling to stay hard … but came thru with a flying cum shot in the end!

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ChaosMen: Bay and Griffin: Pure Flip Fuck

Griffin is able to jump in to any situation, and always hungry for cock. He also told ChaosMen that he loves being face fucked, and likes the challenge of deep-throating a big cock … and so today we can watch in awe as Bay go balls-deep down Griffin’s throat. He truly can take it all the way! Bay was mighty impressed! The guys flip-flop fuck in this video. Griffin has a lot of experience giving head, but not as much with fucking. Bay’s ample cock took a little time for Griffin’s hole to get used to, but he still managed to pop his nut with Bay’s boner buried deep within him!

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