BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer and Chris Hoyt: Condom Free

Category : BelAmiOnline

When shooting their first scene with Chris Hoyt last month, BelAmiOnline realized that his ass can accommodate practically any size of dick. So this week they decided to combine him with one of their member’s favourites, in Jack Harrer. Chris is ready to sit on that big, fat uncut cock of Jack’s right from the get go. Clearly these two lads had a great time filming the scene, as can be seen by the chemistry. Check out the images below as the action unfolds … all condom free!

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Bentley Race: Chris Finch and Brian York

Category : Bentley Race

After Bentley Race met Texan mates Chris Finch and his red headed mate Brian York in Austin last month it made sense to ask them back for a duo scene. Ben really wanted to see these best mates getting each other off … and they were really keen to do it too! So they all met back at Ben’s hotel for an afternoon of hot raw fucking action.

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ChaosMen: Danny and Orlando RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Danny was eager to start doing gigs for ChaosMen. He is exceptionally tall, and pretty lean. His dick is pretty big too, and he of course wanted to start off by topping. But they just didn’t have anyone they thought he would fit with. But he was persistent and said he would try bottoming and would really try hard. Orlando was looking for a gig and he wanted to try topping too. So, they were the perfect match for a flip-flop video. After a bit of 69ing, Orlando climbs on top and he seems to have no problem taking Danny’s cock. He even gets hard while riding him. Then, finally it was time for Orlando to fuck Danny, but Danny is so tall that Orlando is literally on his tiptoes trying to fuck him, but actually manages quite nicely … lucky lad!

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Czech Hunter: Park Pick Up: Pt 2

Category : Czech Hunter

Less than 500 meters away from the home of the Czech Hunter is a wonderful park. It’s a perfect place to find boys. In winter and now in summer even more. He has found that it is a good idea to try to buy their undies. If they agree he at least has them naked on my cam. And sometimes they are willing to go further. Today was his lucky day. Well, one boy insulted him when he approached him, but the second one sold his undies. He was so cute. What a pity that he didn’t have time to show more of his body. But finally he found the right boy. Sitting on a park bank. He was so naive and shy. But he couldn’t resist the offer. Yes, he was rather expensive. But 100% worth every crown needed to be spent.

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