Czech Hunter: His Job Is His Hobby

The photographer from Czech Hunter just loves his job because it’s also his hobby. But today he was totally frustrated. He’d talked to five guys and all had been arrogant; one of them even aggressive. But, just when he was almost about to give up for today – he finally found a nice young man who was really friendly and open minded. He used a plain language and clearly indicated his true intentions in the very beginning. He agreed to show off his cock. And even a blow-job in the nearby hotel was no real problem for him. When he was asked him to strip naked for the camera you’ll notice his wonderful butt … guess what happened next?

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Czech Hunter: The Twink From The Shopping Centre

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to try his luck in the outskirts of Prague. And as we all know – he loves shopping centres – youngsters like to hang around there. And they like to shop … as long as they have money for it! The young guy he met today was really handsome and, even better, he agreed to take part in the “survey” the cameraman said he was conducting! So when he was asked about a lot of naughty, normally private things, as you can you imagine, he was wanting to know if the cameraman was gay! … well, he is, and he said so, and offered him lots of ready cash to go with him to a hotel room where they got down to some seriously gay stuff! Check it out below!

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ChaosMen: Isaiah and Tyler: RAW

ChaosMen told Tyler before the shoot that Isaiah’s “unit” wasn’t going to be a challenge, but it seems to just keep getting bigger with every shoot he does!. Tyler is about as lean as they get, so seeing that cock in scale to his body, you’d think it would split him in two. But Tyler takes Isaiah’s cock with ease and if you watch the video you will see it loud and clear that Tyler does in fact like to bottom, and he really worked some difficult positions AND allowed the cameras to get some great insert shots. Two hot guys … one hot fuck session!

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