FraternityX: Pretty Boy 2

Remember Matt? … that kid the guys from Fraternity X roofied and left naked on the side of the road a while back. Well a few days later he returned to the frat, asking questions about what happened, and guess what – somebody roofied him again!! Only this time he woke up to three dudes pounding his raw hole! So Matt’s the new fuck boy now! And so here’s the long awaited sequel – Pretty Boy 2!

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ChaosMen: Jamison and Silas: RAW

Silas is always eager to get fucked, and though Jamison is pretty versatile, he was wanting to top for a bit. One of the things ChaosMen likes about Silas is he is not afraid to eat ass, and seeing Jamison’s bubble butt get munched on is hot. Silas is also always happy to try something different, and doing some upside down fucking was something both guys wanted to attempt. Jamison’s cock has got some “give” to it, so everyone knew he could aim down and fuck … some nice RAW action here … enjoy!

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Czech Hunter: Rough Str8 Lad At The Park

The Czech Hunter cameraman’s friend Peter had a lot of fun last time he filled in behind the camera, so he asked if he could go on the hunt again. Sure, why not. He tried to talk a rather rough boy into joining in on his little gay game at a local park. The lad started to get a bit aggressive, but Peter was persistent. He is into blond guys. But this one kept emphasizing that he was straight and had a girlfriend all the time. But money rules. Of course Peter spent a lot of money this time. But the lad sure was worth it. You’ll enjoy watching his straight face when he starts to suck. And it was impressive … somehow Peter managed to fuck him raw too!

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Sean Cody: Jess and Troy: Bareback

“Wow, look at that … you’re making me hard already!” … Troy had been rubbing Jess’s cock through his jeans, and the bulge was getting bigger and obvious. Troy has really come out of his shell this past year, and Sean Cody was very happy to see him getting a little bolder! “Damn, that’s big!” Troy said when he saw Jess’s dick for the first time. “I hope I can take that!” … Jess laughed. “I know you can,” he said. Sean could tell by the look on Jess’s face that he was planning on going deep!

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