FraternityX: Pass That Trashed Ass

Category : FraternityX

Danny arrived at FraternityX last week from Texas. This dude can’t handle his liquor. Put a couple beers in him and he’s done. So when Ryan and Morgan heard he’d passed out upstairs, they wanted to teach the hot new pledge a lesson. Ryan busted into his room and spit on his hole, rammed his big raw dick in, and told him to shut up. Fuck the newbies!

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Sean Cody: Spencer and Coleman: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

The delightful hunky and bearded Spencer returns to Sean Cody this week to get his “husband-sized” uncut cock wet, deep inside the raw arsehole of the twinky, but seriously hot, and eager lad, Coleman! Things start off with the guys kissing each other passionately, before Coleman drops down and takes Spencer’s uncut cock into his mouth for some oral passions … then Spencer moves his new buddy to the bed and turns him over and rims his tight little man-hole before entering him, bareback, and giving the young man the ride of his life!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking The Straight Lad From The Park

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman saw a young man who was sitting on a park bench … he was quite naive and appeared to be quite shy. He was able to talk him into a well-paid blow-job. But although he tried his very best – he wouldn’t agree to do anything more. Ho Hum. So the cameraman went on to another park and there he met another hot young lad. He seemed straight and said he liked to go to theatre and was really not at all talkative. When he seduced him with cash and got his to follow him to a hotel and to give him a blow-job and allow his raw arsehole to get fucked … and all the while he turned out to be 200% straight! … Money talks!

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FraternityX: Fresh Meat

Category : FraternityX

Zach is one of the newest pledges to join FraternityX and last Saturday afternoon he was being given the rounds while the rest of the lads were just hanging out … and getting drunk, as usual. This dude is fresh meat from the mid-west, and came to study communications or something … Anyway he’s still gonna walk away with a PhD in taking big loads up his raw arse. If Mommy and Daddy only knew …

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