Czech Hunter: Fucking The Straight Lad From The Park

The Czech Hunter cameraman saw a young man who was sitting on a park bench … he was quite naive and appeared to be quite shy. He was able to talk him into a well-paid blow-job. But although he tried his very best – he wouldn’t agree to do anything more. Ho Hum. So the cameraman went on to another park and there he met another hot young lad. He seemed straight and said he liked to go to theatre and was really not at all talkative. When he seduced him with cash and got his to follow him to a hotel and to give him a blow-job and allow his raw arsehole to get fucked … and all the while he turned out to be 200% straight! … Money talks!

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Sean Cody: David and Blake: Bareback

David and Blake are over with Sean Cody this week for a hot bareback fuck session. Things start off outside by the pool with the guys kissing and groping each other while still in their swimwear … then they move indoors and get naked. Blake goes down between David’s arse cheeks and rims his tight hole … the look on David’s face says it all …. He likes it! Then they swap around and David penetrates Blake’s waiting hole and the fucking gets intense and varied … very hot indeed!

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