Sean Cody: Daniel and Brent: Bareback

Sean Cody just loves how dirty Daniel can be! “I am going to fuck the shit out of him,” Daniel said. He had been hanging out with Brent in the hot tub and he was taken with Brent’s doe-eyed innocence. “He’s like a little farm boy who needs to get fucked!” Daniel wasn’t the only one who was excited. “He’s really hot,” Brent said. “I love his salt-and-pepper hair!” The time Daniel and Brent spent in the hot tub was actually kind of romantic and it gave them an opportunity to get know each other. But romance doesn’t last, and once they got inside Daniel made good on his promise to fuck the shit out of Brent!

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Czech Hunter: A Willing Lad

Although the Czech Hunter has been able to talk dozens of straight boys into gay sex, he is still looking for the perfect way to convince would-be lads. A friend told him that it is always good to promise some sort of career. Fame can be as persuasive as money itself. So he decided to give it a try. Today his starting point was that he was doing some street casting and that he needed to find some actors for minor roles. And – as it is a prison-based movie – some homosexual erotic needs to be included. It took him a lot of tries … but when he finally found a boy willing to kiss him in public, he realized that he would save the day!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad At The Bus Stop

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman met a very cute lad waiting for a bus. He seemed to be quite busy on his mobile and when the cameraman approached him he told him that he was going to visit his mum because he wanted to borrow some money. That was exactly the type of information the cameraman wanted … in fact it was just what he needed to start his little game. Can’t give away too much now: but the lad has a really nice hard-on … check it out below!

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