Sean Cody: Jess and Troy: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

“Wow, look at that … you’re making me hard already!” … Troy had been rubbing Jess’s cock through his jeans, and the bulge was getting bigger and obvious. Troy has really come out of his shell this past year, and Sean Cody was very happy to see him getting a little bolder! “Damn, that’s big!” Troy said when he saw Jess’s dick for the first time. “I hope I can take that!” … Jess laughed. “I know you can,” he said. Sean could tell by the look on Jess’s face that he was planning on going deep!

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ChaosMen: Eli and Stone RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Stone has a nice hairy body and a big cock and Eli loves to be fucked hard, fast and furious … so this was a perfect pairing, just made for the ChaosMen cameras … two masculine guys, fucking raw. Eli actually unloads while being fucked and Stone frosts his asshole before plunging his till hard cock right back in … hot!

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Sean Cody: Daniel and Brent: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Sean Cody just loves how dirty Daniel can be! “I am going to fuck the shit out of him,” Daniel said. He had been hanging out with Brent in the hot tub and he was taken with Brent’s doe-eyed innocence. “He’s like a little farm boy who needs to get fucked!” Daniel wasn’t the only one who was excited. “He’s really hot,” Brent said. “I love his salt-and-pepper hair!” The time Daniel and Brent spent in the hot tub was actually kind of romantic and it gave them an opportunity to get know each other. But romance doesn’t last, and once they got inside Daniel made good on his promise to fuck the shit out of Brent!

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BelAmiOnline: Billy Cotton and Gaelan Binoche

Category : BelAmiOnline

As Billy hasn’t been around at the BelAmiOnline site for a while, the Producers there decided it was about time he was paired with Gaelan Binoche. This scene is one of Billy’s first at taking a big uncut cock … condom free. Hopefully practice makes perfect, because they have some even bigger dicks lined up for Billy’s arse in the near future!

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