Missionary Boys: Elder Hardt and Bishop Angas: The Interview

Every Preparation Day, Missionary Boys hottie Elder Hardt checks his email for new instructions from the brethren. But this week was different. He signed into his email and found just one message, from Bishop Angus. The subject line read, “Request for a Bishop’s interview with Elder Hardt.” The men of the Order tapped Elder Hardt to find and prepare young men for the “harvest.” For months now Elder Hardt has been diligently recruiting his fellow missionaries. In the process, word has been getting around that Hardt has a highly unusual talent. As the rumours went, Elder Hardt could literally spray his seed like a squirt gun while having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. It is also rumoured that one of the triggers for this type of a “squirting orgasm” is having his prostate thoroughly pounded. Of course, Bishop Angus was more than happy to go to town on Elder Hardt’s tail in pursuit of the truth!

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Czech Hunter: The Well Dressed Twink

There were so many hot young dudes are out and about this week that the Czech Hunter cameraman had a hard time choosing which one to approach! In the end tho, he chose one who was well dressed and kind of posh looking. After a few minutes of polite chit-chat he got him to agree to have a hot beverage together. While he was sipping his coffee, he was tough and reluctant towards our cameraman’s standard offers. After a while the cameraman realized that it was the public location which was making him nervous. As soon as were where nobody could hear them, he was keen to talk about money and all the dirty offers … check it out!

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BelAmiOnline: Gino Mosca and Jaco van Sant

It’s a classic Blonde vs Brunette encounter here at BelAmiOnline this week … Jaco van Sant normally prefers to bottom, but not when he sees Gino Mosca! The guys sure hit it off quite well, working over each other’s bodies for a bit until Jaco decides to take the initiative and make Gino’s arse his new toy … plenty of kissing, cock sucking, rimming and bareback fucking here!

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Czech Hunter: The Nervous Twink Gets Fucked

The Czech Hunter cameraman was out and about on the streets of Prague again recently and spied a young twinky lad crossing the street in front of him. He caught up to him and started chatting … the lad was a bit nervous (after seeing the camera) and shy, but eventually admitted to having some money worries. Naturally our cameraman’s ears pricked up at this … and before long the lad was in the bushes with his pants down, dick out and a cock in his month … and then later … up his arse!

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