FraternityX: Hot Mess

Category : FraternityX

Morgan, a freshman, was out for a jog when some of the FraternityX boys invited him over for a drink. He wasn’t in the mood for getting drunk, so when he wasn’t looking they spiked it with a little something extra. This boy slut couldn’t get enough of their dicks … in his mouth and up his raw butt. He seemed to enjoy it and he will likely be back for more!

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BelAmiOnline: Sasha Akinin and Todd Rosset: First Raw Flip Fuck

Category : BelAmiOnline

The team at BelAmiOnline have brought the handsome and cute Sasha Akunin along the gay porn path quite slowly, but today will be his very first flip flop fuck ever with veteran porn star Todd Rosset. Todd was a perfect fit because he is one of their most passionate lovers, just right for this newcomer to take (and receive) his first raw cock.

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Southern Strokes: Trevor and Jackson

Category : Sthn Strokes

Trevor’s body gets fucking hotter and hotter every time he cums back to the Southern Strokes Ranch. Today, they slapped a leather harness and jockstrap on him and that was exactly what Jackson was looking for … Trevor spread Jackson’s smooth ass cheeks revealing his hungry hole. Trevor’s tongue worked Jackson’s hole until neither of them could stand it any more. Jackson got up and slid his spit lubed hole over Trevor’s huge unwrapped tool. Jackson quivered as Trevor’s naked cock slid inside his waiting man-tunnel.

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Czech Hunter: The Lad from The Disco

Category : Czech Hunter

Tonight the Czech Hunter cameraman was on the hunt in a discotheque. He went there early in the hope of finding some young lad sitting alone and waiting for friends. Tonight he was lucky and found one quickly … he was a little bit drunk already. All it took was a free drink and the promise to give him enough money for his new mobile and instantly this straight cutie acted less straight … He was quite willing to jerk the cameraman off … then suck him off … and finally he bent over and got fucked raw too!

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