Czech Hunter: Raw Sex On A Train

Category : Czech Hunter

It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon and the guy from Czech Hunter was on his way to Decin, a small Czech city close to the German border. He decided to take the Eurocity train. It was quite empty that day and he even found one cabin with a cute lad inside alone. He needed company. They started to talk about porn and when the lad was quite open to the idea of being filmed, for the right amount of cash, the cameraman slowly tried to convince him. There was plenty time on this train journey. The lad agreed to jerk in front of the POV camera for as little as 1000. A few thousands later he was on his knees sucking cock. When they fucked, they fucked raw … but they were rudely interrupted. In the end tho, the cameraman’s sperm covered the lad’s nose like a trophy!

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FraternityX: Morgan: Cum Dump

Category : FraternityX

Last Tuesday morning, Morgan was minding his own business lifting weights and listening to music while his FraternityX bros were busy getting drunk. The guys had some morning wood going on, and Morgan’s tight arse was looking pretty good. Three dudes walked over to the bench press and fed him their hard cocks. Holding his head against the weight bar so he couldn’t escape, they face fucked him. Then turned him over and Jansen prepared his pretty boy hole by licking the jock sweat off, then everyone fingered banged the bitch. Finally, they picked him up and carried him to the kitchen counter. Breakfast was served! They gang-banged the hot fucker, and dumped their loads into his hole before sending him off to class.

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ChaosMen: Bay and Jordan: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen wanted to put Bay with a solid performer, a dude who loves to be serviced and his cock is always hard. Jordan’s cock is always “At the Ready”, so they knew he would be perfect. Bay is certainly turning into an Elite performer! You can tell he clearly loves to suck cock, get serviced, and get his arse fucked … bareback!

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BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell and Scott Reeves: Condom-free

Category : BelAmiOnline

In this latest scene from BelAmiOnline, which was shot entirely after night fall, we get to see Vadim Farrell and Scott Reeves in an intimate and romantic encounter in a beautiful night setting. The evening starts off with serious body contact and deep, wet kisses. It ends with Vadim getting pounded – condom-free – by Scott in both missionary and doggie positions, all the while keeping himself hard as a rock. It turns out to definitely be Vadim’s lucky night!

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