ChaosMen: Jonas and Theon: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

This video at ChaosMen is Jonas’s first time up to bat with a dude and he does an awesome job! It helps that Theon is a polished performer and guides him through his first time on the massage table. Theon rides Jonas’s cock on the table while lying on his back, and Jonas seems a little wobbly in that passive position. But once Theon hovers so that Jonas could get some thrusting action … Wow! That long dick of his sure travels the distance!

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Sketchy Sex: 9 Inch Stud

Category : Sketchy Sex

The other day, the Sketchy Sex cameraman heard Eli fooling around with someone in his room. So he grabbed a camera and went upstairs. This dude was really hot! With a massive 9 inch dick too! He first dropped a big load in Eli’s mouth. Then put Eli on all fours and nailed him really good! He dropped another load too, this time in his arse. Eli pushed it out, and buddy fucked it right back in!

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Czech Hunter: The Straight Hottie From The Mall

Category : Czech Hunter

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman has a meeting at the local shopping mall and decided to mix the business with pleasure and took his camera along. He accidentally switched the cam on just close to the gym and within a few seconds it had captured some footage of a young straight dude leaving the gym. He instantly knew this one would be a real catch, if only he could persuade him successfully. Smiling and talkative, the guy was from Slovakia, but had lived in Poland for his whole life. He recently came to Prague to find a job, so our cameraman knew he was probably short on cash. Once the negotiations started, it didn’t take too long and he showed off his penis, then for some more cash he agreed to go to a nearby hotel … for some more private adventures!

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Czech Hunter: The Hottie From The Street

Category : Czech Hunter

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman found himself in the very city center of Prague, close to Wencheslav square. He’s always found it to be a great place to pick up cute guys, and today he was once again successful. He started chatting to the first guy he encountered walking down the street and within few minutes he’d convinced him to show off his cock to the cameras … and a few minutes later they booked into a nice and spacey hotel room with a Jacuzzi where a blow job in the Jacuzzi was soon on the cards! In the end he got him to bend over and get barebacked fucked … followed, naturally, by a nice cum facial!

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