Czech Hunter: The Cute Guy From The Mall

Category : Czech Hunter

Some days the Czech Hunter has to work hard to find the right guy for his horny hobby … and today was one of those days … he spent almost 2 hours walking around his local shopping mall before he finally found “his guy”. Blond, quite cute, funny and with plenty of character. He even had a good salary, so he had to offer a lot of cash to get what he want. And, he was shy. Finally he showed off his bare chest. He sure had a good body. Tanned and trained. And after he made his first 1.000 crowns he wanted to run away. So our cameraman had to quickly start again persuading him to stay and give him a hand-job. Can you imagine how difficult it was to get a blow-job, let alone allow his straight-lad’s arsehole to get fucked raw!

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Sean Cody: David and Jayden: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Dreamy-eyed Jayden was back with Sean Cody recently to get fucked bareback by the muscular red-head David. The guys give a sensual performance, and it would seem that Jayden is turning into the perfect bottom … hot video!

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Czech Hunter: The Skater Lad Gets Fucked

Category : Czech Hunter

It was one of those last late-summer days and the Czech Hunter cameraman visited one of his favourite spots for picking up guys. This small park is famous amongst gays for all the cyclists and skaters practising there. But as the weather was really hot it was very quiet … but eventually our cameraman noticed a guy with in-line-skates who looked quite sporty. He stopped and started chatting … he was a student who was going to study law, but was short on cash and currently looking for a part-time job. The perfect mix for our dirty cameraman and his roll of money … lets see how expensive today’s young guy will be!

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FraternityX: Tie The Bitch Up: Pt 2

Category : FraternityX

Ryan met this dude in the student union building, and invited him over to the FraternityX dorm to “hang out” … but before you know it the kids got Ryan’s dick in his mouth. These so called “straight boys” are all over the campus. Put a big dick in front of them and they can’t help but suck it. But when it came to taking all the Frat Bro’s cocks, he just wasn’t man enough. So they duck-taped the stupid bitch to the bed …!

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