Sean Cody: Taylor and Aidan: Bareback

“ I’ve been having a lot of fun,” Taylor admitted about his recent experiences. working for Sean Cody. “ I’ve been able to explore and try new things.” Aidan laughed. “What things do you want to try today?” … “I’d like to try cumming inside a guy’s arse,” Taylor replied. “… I think that would be fun!” … Aidan smiled and pretended to think about it for a second, “ I’m sure we could arrange that!” he cheekily replied!

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Sean Cody: Dane and Pavel: Bareback

“Wow look at all that fur!” Sean Cody said as Pavel was getting undressed. “Yeah I know,” he said proudly. “ I’m letting it grow out. I want to see how hairy I can get!” … Sean thought he was definitely looking very studly … even his beard was nice and thick! Dane looked over and nodded. “I don’t have much hair on my chest,” he said, rubbing his pecs. “But I’m growing in a beard!” The two of them were getting along really well and Sean could tell both of them were horny!

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Sean Cody: Willis and Aidan: Bareback

“I like this one,” Aidan said. “He’s easy to work with!” … Aidan was explaining what he wanted to do. Willis was resting in his arms, agreeing with everything he said. “We’re going to chat a little bit, get to know each other …” … “A little chat,” Willis replied with a laugh. “You know, kiss me, I’ll kiss you back …” … “ I’m down!” … “And then you’re going to go to pound town …” They were hitting it off really well. Both of them were giggling and having fun! Sean Cody knew Willis had a really nice dick, but he’d forgotten just how big it was until it was deep in Aidan’s arsehole!

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Naked Sword: I Want Your Love: The Movie

Director: Travis Mathews
Studio: Naked Sword
Actors: Jesse Metzger, Ben Jasper, Keith McDonald, Ferrin Solano, Wayne Bumb, Brontez Purnell, Jorge Rodolfo, Peter De Groot
Description: Few films have captured the reality of gay life — and gay sex — like “I Want Your Love.” The film follows one man (Jesse Metzger) during his last weekend in San Francisco, as he comes to terms with the city he loves, and friends he’s leaving behind. Hailed by critics for both its eloquence and its explicitness, director Travis Matthews’ debut feature marks him as an astounding new voice in queer cinema.

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