Crush Him: Erik Tribold and Trace Van De Kamp

Category : Crush Him

The Crush Him Producers almost hated to film this one. The poor guy doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong AND it is his birthday. Erik agreed that instead of getting his boyfriend Timmy a present this year, he would just bottom for the first time in their relationship. Timmy explained that is all he really wants. As the day approached, Erik started dreading it more and more, and even resented his boyfriend for guilting him into doing it for his birthday. Don’t worry Timmy, Erik was as good as his word … he DID bottom on YOUR birthday … just not for you! … Happy birthday arsehole!

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Czech Hunter: Winter Causes Outdoor Fucking Slow Down

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter reckons this winter seems to be endless over in Prague and he is looking forward to all the nice outdoor fucking which will come in spring. But in the meantime he still got a few young guys to show off their cocks outside, even in the freezing cold over the past week … plus he found one lad who was prepared to accept his extra cash offer of a raw fuck too … check it out below!

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Czech Hunter: One Cold and Windy Day …

Category : Czech Hunter

It was cold and windy this day, and the Czech Hunter started the hunting quite late. Three, four lads have been rather reluctant to even start a conversation with him, but then he saw this tall blonde leaving a small shop next to a tram station. He was open minded … they talked about his job, his salary. He was quite interested in making some extra money. But when he was asked to show off his dick, his attitude suddenly changed. He seemed aggressive but nonetheless the offer seemed somehow tempting to him. Once he made the first step it took some time and a lot of money to make him come into the hotel. But then … wow, what a performance!!

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ChaosMen: Austin and Chip: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

In this video from ChaosMen, Austin gets a little bit in Daddy mode, and if you like videos with a mature/young theme, this one really captures that. Though Austin has found that bottoming is pleasurable, he really enjoys tapping into his dominant side, He fucks Chip unmercifully with his ample cock. Chip keeps his hand firmly planted on Austin’s thigh so as to not have him go too deep, but Austin was still going balls deep on him!

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