Sean Cody: Dane and Grayson and Jarek: Bareback: Pt 1

Dane was giggling a little bit and he had a big smile on his face. “What’s going on?” Sean Cody asked, although he secretly already knew. Jarek had Grayson’s ass up in the air, and he was just about to go in. “I’m just taking it all in,” Dane said. “This is completely new to me!” … But for a newbie who has just been thrown into the deep end of the pool, he was remarkably cool about everything! When his turn came to fuck Grayson, he just went right on in. He even gave Grayson a little advice on how to arch his back! Of course, Grayson was absolutely LOVING the fact that he was getting pounding, in turn, by two hot, muscular studs. And Jarek was was a good coach for Dane, telling him things like, “Fuck him hard, that’s right… just like I did,” and “grab his hips!” … The guys were very, very competitive! Dane and Jarek wanted to see who could fuck the best, and Grayson was happy to take it! Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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Czech Hunter: Park Pick Up: Pt 1

Less than 500 meters away from the home of the Czech Hunter is a wonderful park. It’s a perfect place to find boys. In winter and now in summer even more. He has found that it is a good idea to try to buy their undies. If they agree he at least has them naked on my cam. And sometimes they are willing to go further. Today was his lucky day. Well, one boy insulted him when he approached him, but the second one sold his undies. He was so cute. What a pity that he didn’t have time to show more of his body. But finally he found the right boy. Sitting on a park bank. He was so naive and shy. But he couldn’t resist the offer. Yes, he was rather expensive. But 100% worth every crown needed to be spent. Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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ChaosMen: Chip and Dwight: RAW

Dwight has stalled out on Topping only, while Chip has embraced being on bottom. ChaosMen do push their models for versatility, but they can’t force them. But, you gotta say, who really cares if Dwight Tops only? His dick is not ginormous so first-timers are more apt to sit on it. Plus the kid just stays hard the entire time. Chip found his inner bliss in this video. His favourite part was sitting on Dwight’s cock, but once they got him on his back he actually thought he could bust with Dwight fucking him. Dwight has to go slow and Chip keeps his hand firmly planted on Dwight’s thigh to keep him from going to deep, only then did they allow him to bust from being fucked.

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Sean Cody: Jessie and Liev: Bareback: Pt 2

“The last time you were here,” Sean Cody said to Jessie, “I remember you really dumped a load!” … “Yes,” he replied. “Every time I cum, it is a lot!” … Liev raised an eyebrow and smiled. He was intrigued. “He is cute!” Jessie said, looking directly at Liev. “When I found out that I was going to be doing it with him I was very excited. I looked at all of his work.” … “His work?” Sean asked … “On the site,” he replied. “It’s pretty awesome.” … Of course, now Liev was grinning ear-to-ear. He was looking forward to this too! … “Wow,” Jessie said after getting fucked for a few minutes by Liev. “I was not expecting that!” … “Is it OK?” Liev asked … “Oh my god, yes,” Jessie said. “It’s so long … nothing has ever been so deep before!” … Liev laughed. “It feels good … I’m not taking it out!”

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