ChaosMen: Clyde and Solomon: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Clyde wasn’t very confident going into this ChaosMen video. He is used to fucking girls or getting blown by girls till he cums. He is unbelievably bad at jerking his own cock. (How is this possible?!) But the cameraman knew that once Solomon got a dick in his ass, and after the initial penetration, he could take a beating and Clyde could just fuck him until he cums. Well, Clyde gives him a pounding that’s for sure. He is not graceful or smooth when he fucks. “Jack-hammer” would be good adjective for his technique. Poor Solomon. He really just kind of “takes it” for the first portion of the video … his face buried into the mattress.

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BelAmiOnline: Kevin and Ariel and Jean-Daniel: Condom Free

Category : BelAmiOnline

The BelAmiOnline boys from Back In Africa return with a horny Ariel Vanean tag teaming Kevin Warhol with Jean-Daniel Chagall condom free. After living together for a couple months in a house these boys are horny all the time and today watch as Kevin is the receiver to 2 hard raw cocks and 2 big loads on his face!

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ChaosMen: Micah and Stone

Category : ChaosMen

Both Micah and Stone have both learned to love bottoming, yet both excel at topping, so ChaosMen thought a nice flip-flop video would work well. Before the filming started, the two of them were debating their favourite position to be fucked in, and they both said sitting on a cock is the best. So the cameraman had them flip-flop, taking turns sitting on each other’s dicks.

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Sean Cody: Allen and Pierce: Bareback: Pt 2

Category : Sean Cody

Sean Cody hadn’t seen Allen since last summer. When he’s in school, he’s always busy. He’s dedicated like that. Sean has never really determined what Allen’s “story” is. He said he’s into girls, but he seems to like guys as well. On the other hand … he definitely know what Pierce likes. He’s got both a girlfriend and a boyfriend. “I like fucking my girlfriend while my boyfriend fucks me,” he said. “I like to be in the middle!” Allen can be a little bit of a bad boy. And he admits it! “I like to have fun,” he said. He was definitely excited about fucking Pierce. “I’ve never fucked without a condom before!” he said.

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