Active Duty: Brock and Tim: Bareback

This scene from Active Duty opens with Brock and Tim on the bed … hands start to fish around inside jeans, groping for rods that are quickly coming to life. Tim repeatedly glances at Brock’s package and what he’s working with. The shirts and pants start to come off, and the guys start jerking off one another. Then they settle into a 69 position for a spell, sucking on one another’s big pieces as things get more heated. Then it’s time for the pounding to commence, and Brock’s on his back, legs flung in the air, and Tim is spearing into him — bareback. This is a hot fuck and only ends after some amazing anal action and Tim ends up with a really hot cum facial!

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Active Duty: First Timer Roy Bottoms Bareback For Tim

In this new release scene from Active Duty we meet cute new recruit Roy who is about to bottom for the first time … and bareback too … for the hot and shredded Tim! The guys may start out pretty nervous, but before long Tim is slipping his bare rod deep inside Roy for a nice long ride. Roy does a great job for a first timer, and we even learn that the film crew actually gave him a toy to practice with at home!

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