Sean Cody: Pavel and Pierce: Bareback Flip Fuck

“It’s good to have you back!” Sean Cody said to Pavel after giving him a big hug. “Thanks, I’ve missed you guys!” Pavel replied. Sean was excited about what was in store. He knew that Pavel’s hairy body was going to look really good against Pierce’s smooth, muscular build. The guys talked about what they wanted to do. They decided to take turns fucking each other. “I noticed when you were here before your eyes would roll back when you get fucked,” Sean said to Pavel. “Does that still happen?” … “It does,” he replied. “Yeah it’s just fucking intense. I get all dizzy!” … Pavel can’t deny it … he just loves to fuck!

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Sean Cody: Ryan and Jarek: Bareback

Ryan is such a horny bottom that he tends to turn every situation into a sexual one, including a nice relaxing dip in the Sean Cody hot tub. “This would totally be a great place to get my ass pounded,” he said as he splashed in the hot bubbling water. Jarek laughed and leaned over and gave him a kiss. “Damn, you’re adorable!” he said. But it was too cold outside to fuck, so they ran inside, their swim trunks wet and plastered against their skin. Ryan’s eyes were wide. “I could tell through his shorts earlier that he had a big dick,” he said, staring at Jarek’s cock, the outline of which was plainly visible. “But damn!” Ryan reached over and stroked his partner’s cock … “That thing is as thick as my wrist!” It wasn’t long before they started fucking and Jarek was super horny and nutted his first load almost instantly … “I could feel him pump that cum deep in me,” Ryan said. Sean asked “How much do you think is in there?” … “I don’t know.” Ryan replied … “Well show me!” said Sean … Ryan turned around and pushed out the warm load that Jarek had left inside of him. “Whoa!” was all that Sean could think to say!

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Sean Cody: Miles and Alexander: Bareback

“Your lips are really sexy,” Alexander said as he was rubbing Miles’ arm. Miles laughed. “Thanks!” he said somewhat nervously. Alexander leaned in and gave him a kiss, and then another. “That was nice,” he said. The two of them seemed to be hitting it off right away. Sean Cody felt that Alexander was unaware of one minor detail though. It’s always the skinny guys who are packing the big cocks … and Miles is no exception! Alexander slowly worked his way down and he slipped off Miles’ pants. “Whoa!” he said as he saw Miles’s cock for the first time. “Damn that’s big …!”

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