Sean Cody: Randy and Matt: Bareback Flip Fuck

Randy and Matt have returned to Sean Cody for this awesomely sexy raw flip fuck! There really is nothing better that watching two sexy, good-looking, athletic straight guys in a hot flip fuck session … they start out with some fun and games outdoors, some sexy kissing and stripping, until they move inside and get totally naked … then they suck each other before the fucking starts … all bareback too!

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Sean Cody: Andy and Tanner: Bareback

Andy is a new model with Sean Cody, having only done a nude solo before today. So, it’s a bit of a leap for this guy … from nude solo to bareback gay sex … all in the space of a week! Luckily he’s been paired with the gorgeous, and experienced, Tanner. Check them out … they do look good together, and sure seem to be enjoying themselves, even tho it is Andy’s first time bottoming!

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Sean Cody: Abe and Joshua: Bareback

Well this is a nice surprise! After Abe’s first visit with Sean Cody, Sean was doubtful he’d see him again. He’s a self-professed “meathead” and to be honest Sean didn’t have high hopes that he’d want to stick his dick in another guy’s butt hole! … then, out of the blue comes an email … “I want to give it a try,” he wrote. “ I’ve been thinking about it a lot!” … Now a lot of guys would be really shy about this, but not Abe. He doesn’t do subtle. And when he finally met up with Joshua he wasn’t subtle then either. “Yeah, he’s cute!” he said with a smile. “I like.” Joshua was really happy too. Sean could tell he liked Abe. “He’s huge!” Joshua said. “He’s got muscles. I like muscles.” Joshua said that he was in the mood to be thrown around and just fucked silly … and that’s what happened … as Abe said “I can do that!” … then with a deep laugh. “No problem!” …

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