Czech Hunter: The Guy From The Bus Stop Agrees To Get Fucked

The Czech Hunter cameraman was walking along the street when he noticed a hot young guy walking past the local bus stop. He looked a bit tired and seemed to be trying to look like a rapper or a gangster with loads of necklaces and so on. Our cameraman was intrigued, but still not a hundred percent sure whether it was good idea to approach him or not … but decided to anyway, as there were so many people around. Anyway, they chatted for a while and the guy turned out to be quite friendly, and down for what our cameraman had to offer, and before long the ice was broken and they were off to do the naughty things they had talked about!

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Bentley Race: Geoffrey Paine and Joe Gunner: Rough Fuck

While Bentley Race was travelling through Europe last year he was really surprised to run into his mates Geoffrey Paine and Joe Gunner. He had made porn with Geoffrey before, and today it was Geoffrey’s idea that they should shoot a rough fucking scene with Joe. Joe has never made porn before and was pretty nervous at first. The idea was to have Joe “break in to” Geoffrey’s apartment and attack Geoffrey on his bed. But no matter how rough Joe got … Geoffrey seemed to enjoy it even more. Joe wasted no time in spitting on his cock and shoving it raw up Geoffrey’s ass hole. The fucking was really hot as Geoffrey squirmed about on the bed as Joe pumped him from above … it all ends when Joe spewed his hot cum all over Geoffrey’s hole!

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FraternityX: Pay Back

The FraternityX guys were fed up with Carter, he’s been playing the house heavy since he moved in there. So they tied his bitch arse up and taught him a lesson. Four dudes ducked taped his hands and mouth while Jackson pounded his hot arse. Trevor couldn’t help but suck the cum right out of Carter’s cock while he was getting force fucked. Then both dudes turned on Trevor, fucked and breed his hole too!

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