Freshmen: John Lennox and Bruce Querelle

Seems we all have different priorities. Bruce wants to improve his English; John wants to fuck. While we all know whose priorities will win out, credit should be given to Bruce for trying to hold out after being presented with John’s tempting and tasty arse. Though this is still one of John’s newer scenes with Freshmen, you can still see marked improvement in terms of performance and self-confidence from his previous two scenes.

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Boys Halfway House: Jonah: Disrespectful Bastard Gets Barebacked

Jonah is such a disrespectful little prick that the Managers at the Boys Halfway House decided from Day One to make his life a living hell for the duration of his stay. Guys like Jonah have a tough exterior that just has to be broken down completely, and that means being on his behind 100% of the time for any and every reason. The day his cherry got wrecked and swollen was a bad day for everyone – several guys were in need of some serious attitude corrections. Jonah, however, was first. Check out below what happened … poor guy got totally wrecked … all bareback too!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Buck Richards and Brendan Phillips

Buck Richards’s cock is at least 9 inches long … quite literally 2+ handfuls of it, and thick … it was almost an insurmountable challenge for sexy power-bottom Brendan … but fear not, his bottoming skills prevailed in the end! Buck used to wrestle, so the crew from Guys In Sweatpants had him show Brendan some moves before getting him naked and fucking him. Once Brendan finally got Buck’s massive raw cock inside him, he was in pure ecstasy the entire time!

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