Sean Cody: Rich and Miles: Bareback

As a porn producer, Sean Cody always loves it when the chemistry between two guys just ignites! It was obvious from the look on Rich’s face the moment he met Miles that he really, really liked what he saw. They were sitting together and Rich kind of inched his way over and rested his head on Miles’s chest. “You know he has a whopper,” Sean said to Rich. “Really?” he said, lighting up. “Fuck I can’t wait.” Miles laughed. “ I’m just excited to be here,” he said. “Me … I’m just cheerful cause I’m with a cute guy,” Rich said, nuzzling into Miles a little more. These two were all over each other … both on camera and off. During the breaks in filming and they would be in the other room blowing and fucking each other and during lunch they were rubbing each other’s legs as they sat side-by-side!

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Sean Cody: Miles and Alexander: Bareback

“Your lips are really sexy,” Alexander said as he was rubbing Miles’ arm. Miles laughed. “Thanks!” he said somewhat nervously. Alexander leaned in and gave him a kiss, and then another. “That was nice,” he said. The two of them seemed to be hitting it off right away. Sean Cody felt that Alexander was unaware of one minor detail though. It’s always the skinny guys who are packing the big cocks … and Miles is no exception! Alexander slowly worked his way down and he slipped off Miles’ pants. “Whoa!” he said as he saw Miles’s cock for the first time. “Damn that’s big …!”

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