William Higgins: Jeremy Robbins and Peto Mohac: Raw Screen Test

Although William Higgins have featured Peto Mohac in quite a few scenes, this scene with Jeremy Robbins was actually his original screen test. The guys are on the bed checking some photos of their recent trip, including of them kissing each other. Peto suggests that they may repeat the experience, which they do with gusto. As they kiss Jeremy closes the laptop and they both get bare-chested. Peto lays down with Jeremy between his legs as they continue to kiss. Then Jeremy opens Peto’s shorts and very soon the underwear are removed too. Jeremy then takes Peto’s cock into his hand and mouth and begins to wank and suck it. Before long they are both naked and Jeremy lays on his back so that Peto can straddle him, head to toe so they can 69. After sucking each other for a while Peto is ready to take control and his cock slides into Jeremy’s arsehole easily and soon Peto is fucking with long, deep strokes. The guys then flip things around and end up having some seriously hot bareback sex together!

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