Sean Cody: Sheridan and Jarek: Bareback

“Wow this is really unusual!” Sheridan said as Jarek was showing off his foreskin. “ I’ve never seen another one before!” … “Never?” Jarek asked. “Not in the shower at the gym or anything?” … “No,” Sheridan replied. “I haven’t” … Jarek laughed. Sean Cody knew that Sheridan was proud of his foreskin so it was fun seeing his unexpected reaction to another. “You know it feels a lot better when you get fucked by one of these!” Jarek said in his own cocky way. “Really?” Sheridan said. “I didn’t know …” … Jarek laughed again. He loves to fuck with people.

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Sean Cody: Zack and Jarek: Bareback

“ I’ve never kissed a guy,” Zack said like he was confessing something meaningful. “ You’ve never kissed a guy!?” Sean Cody said playfully, while giving him a hard time. “What’s up with that?” … “I dunno …” he said. “Just never have …” Sean could see that Jarek was instantly intrigued. “Good thing I’m all clean shaven,” he said. They both laughed. Zack said a few random things out of nervousness and then Jarek leaned in and surprised him with a kiss. “Wow!” Zack said. “He’s definitely a good kisser!” He was clearly ready to get things going! … “Wait ‘til my tongue is in your ass!” Jarek said without skipping a beat. Soon after he had not only had his tongue in Jack’s arse, but also his raw dick too!

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Sean Cody: Troy and Jarek: Bareback

Sean Cody seems to think that Troy was a little nervous about taking Jarek’s big dick, so Jarek used his tongue to prep Troy’s hole a bit longer than usual. Seems Troy was enjoying it as he commented … “Damn, I’m working up a sweat over here!” … “Let’s do that some more!” Jarek simply smiled mischievously and then shoved his tongue back into Troy’s hole. Jarek was eager to fuck, and once they got going Troy’s nerves faded and he really started enjoying himself. “Damn, he can fuck an ass!” Troy said, looking back at Jarek.

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