Czech Hunter: Exotic Lad Totally Enjoyed The Experience

The young men the Czech Hunter cameraman manages to convince to have sex with him do not always enjoy the experience. They usually take his money and endure the process. However, sometimes he does encounter someone who has a fun time. Well today, this exotic looking dude was exactly the case. Our cameraman met him on his way to the gym and managed to bribe him into some nasties pretty easily. The guy was still at school so money was tight but he was pretty sure the lad would do it for free if pushed. He had an absolute blast the whole time! He had a nice muscular figure and a huge dick that got hard almost instantaneously. First, he got his mouth stuffed with hard cock and then his butthole got rammed nice and deep … and bareback too!

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Sean Cody: Philip and Kellin

Philip is back at the Sean Cody studios and Kellin is there to break him in! The guys played some soccer to break the ice, but didn’t really need to – they got along right from the get-go, as if they’ve been friends for ages. “I think we both love playing with balls … soccer balls, you know?” Kellin smirked. Philip was admiring Kellin’s body, and couldn’t wait to get his arse pounded raw. Kellin showed the newbie how things get done around there, and Philip just submitted to the pain and the pleasure of it all!

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BelAmiOnline: Brian Jovovich and Daniel Mathis

New dirty blonde puppy at BelAmiOnline Daniel Mathis is a shy lad getting ready for his first date … but when Brian Jovovich shows up all the hesitation melts away and he invites him to spend some time together away from the crowds. By the time they arrive at his apartment they are both so horny that they can barely wait to get the door closed before getting down to it. First in the shower and then in the bed. Pretty soon Brian has his big dick buried deep inside Daniel and both guys are having a condom-free fuck of a lifetime …

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