BelAmiOnline: Brian Jovovich and Daniel Mathis

New dirty blonde puppy at BelAmiOnline Daniel Mathis is a shy lad getting ready for his first date … but when Brian Jovovich shows up all the hesitation melts away and he invites him to spend some time together away from the crowds. By the time they arrive at his apartment they are both so horny that they can barely wait to get the door closed before getting down to it. First in the shower and then in the bed. Pretty soon Brian has his big dick buried deep inside Daniel and both guys are having a condom-free fuck of a lifetime …

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ChaosMen: Griffin and Zale: Raw

ChaosMen had a hard time pinning Zale down to do this duo shoot. Thankfully in the end he agreed to do it, as he’s a real hot looking guy. Zale is still a bit tentative to suck dick at first, but once he got Griffin’s cock in his mouth, he went after it with as much skill as he could muster. His ability to suck cock and fuck Griffin’s face is quite amazing! He was also pretty good at fucking another guy too, and he claims it was his first time too! Regardless, Zale has a nice long cock, and he uses it to impale Griffin with furious energy.

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William Higgins: Adamek Alex and Milos Dena

Milos Dena is the lucky guy who gets to be the partner in Adamek Alex’s Screen test here with William Higgins. Handsome, fit-bodied Adamek sits on the bed with Milos and answers some questions about his prior sexual experiences. Then he and Milos begin to kiss. Soon after they get naked and the cock sucking begins in earnest. Not long after that, Milos presents his butt to Milos who cannot wait to enter that warm, tight love tunnel!

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