Sean Cody: Taylor and Dalton: Bareback

Sean Cody finds that sometimes it takes the straight boys a little while to come around and try new things. This was the case with Taylor … Even though it had been nearly two years since his last appearance on the site, he was very excited to come back. “ I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” he said. “It sounds fun!” … Dalton was also excited. “This will be my first time getting fucked,” he said. “I can’t wait!” … Both of them were really shy when they first met. Dalton kind of led the way and things warmed up quickly … just check out the pre-cum oozing out of Taylor’s cock during the first position change!

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Sean Cody: Ryan and Dalton

It had been over a year since Sean Cody had seen Ryan. Then recently they saw each other at some outdoor event and Sean asked him when he was going to come back and get fucked. Well, it didn’t take much convincing because a week later his was sticking his tongue down Dalton’s throat! “Oh my god!” he said after he’d just swallowed Dalton’s cock all the way to the base. “He’s so hot!” … Dalton liked Ryan too. He was manhandling Ryan and fucking him all over the sofa!

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Sean Cody: Dalton and Aidan: Bareback

“So I gotta be honest,” Aidan whispered to Dalton. “What’s up?” replied Dalton … “I love your hairy balls!” said Aidan … then, without missing a beat, he dropped to his knees and started licking Dalton’s balls. “We’re not even filming yet and he’s getting me hard!” Dalton said almost incredulously to Sean Cody, while looking down at Aidan, who was smiling at him with two big hairy balls in his mouth.

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Sean Cody: Dalton and Pierce: Bareback: Pt 2

Pierce and Sean Cody were walking down to the beach to meet up with Dalton. Sean was not sure that Pierce was prepared for someone like Dalton! “I think he is going to be a lot to handle!” Pierce said with a little giggle … “Why do you say that?” asked Sean. “I don’t know … I guess I’ve just never seen a guy this excited,” he said. “Usually I’m the hyper one, running around bouncing off the walls!” When they met up with Dalton Pierce took the lead and pulled Dalton against a big rock. They started making out with the waves splashing against them. Dalton was grinding his crotch against Pierce’s. Soon after they decided to head back to the studio and Pierce gave Dalton some “road head” in the back seat on the way … Dalton’s eyes lit up as Pierce went down on him and he said … “This is fun! I’m ready to fuck!”

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