Fore-Skin: Alexander and Tristan: Gay Massage Leads To Raw Fucking

This is one seriously hot scene from Fore-Skin, where Alexander and Tristan are lying together on the bed and Tristan starts to give Alexander a massage. Things start to get naughty, and once Alexander’s pants come down, leaving him in nothing but a jock-strap , Tristan’s raw uncut cock soon slides in to Alexander’s arsehole while his shoulders are still being massaged … things just get hottest and raunchier from there … check it out!

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Sean Cody: Coleman and Alexander: Bareback

Sean Cody could immediately see that Alexander was really impressed with Coleman. “There is just something about him,” he said. “He has the whole ‘boy next door’ thing going on!” … Coleman looked at Alexander and smiled as he took his shirt off … “I like that you’re all smooth, it’s sexy!” Alexander said. “Well I was a little bushy down here,” Coleman replied with a blush. “But I cleaned it up for you, I didn’t want you to have to deal with a jungle!” … Coleman slowly started sliding off his shorts. Alexander went in for a kiss … not long after he said … “So,” coming up for air. “You wanna fuck me?” … Coleman laughed. “Yes …”

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Sean Cody: Miles and Alexander: Bareback

“Your lips are really sexy,” Alexander said as he was rubbing Miles’ arm. Miles laughed. “Thanks!” he said somewhat nervously. Alexander leaned in and gave him a kiss, and then another. “That was nice,” he said. The two of them seemed to be hitting it off right away. Sean Cody felt that Alexander was unaware of one minor detail though. It’s always the skinny guys who are packing the big cocks … and Miles is no exception! Alexander slowly worked his way down and he slipped off Miles’ pants. “Whoa!” he said as he saw Miles’s cock for the first time. “Damn that’s big …!”

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TX College Boys: Leon and Alexander: Bareback

Every now and then the TX College Boys producer does a little travelling, and it’s always fun to see what hot college boys he can find along the way. This particular time he was in Atlanta where a cute 18 yo named Alexander answered an ad saying that he had a friend … Leon … who would be interested in doing a scene with him. They had fooled around a little before, but with both still living at home it was hard for them to really do much. They were planning to start college in the fall and were planning to share a dorm room together. They figured they could use this video as a way not only to make some cash, but also to get a jump on all the fun they’d be having once at school. Neither one had ever been on camera before and they were a little nervous. They start off by exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues and slowly undressing each other. They really seemed to be into each other which was hot to see. After stripping down to their sexy briefs, Alex puts his lips on Leon’s growing cock and starts pleasuring his buddy orally. Leon returns the favour by working Alexander’s love stick over with his tongue. Then with Alexander on his back, Leon slips a finger into his friend’s eager hole. Soft moans are heard as Leon continues to finger fuck Alexander while he simultaneously stroked his buddy’s shaft. It wasn’t long before it wasn’t just a finger up Alexander’s tight ass … and no condoms either!

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