Sean Cody: Landon and Austin: Pt 2

“Wait … you’re saying his dick is huge?” Austin said, his eyes wide. “Yup!” replied Sean Cody. “And that’s going in my butt?” said Austin … “Yup!” smiled Sean. That was how the day started. There was a nervous excitement in Austin’s eyes and voice. Landon came strutting into the room, his usual confidence in full force. “Let’s do this!” he said with a big grin. Austin relaxed and let Landon take control. A foot massage quickly led to some serious cock sucking! “Damn, he gives really good head!” Austin admitted. He laid back and let Landon work his magic. Landon soon had four fingers inside Austin, really opening up his hole. “Was I just fisted?” Austin asked. “Yeah, kinda!” Landon replied. Austin was ready. As Landon slid his raw dick inside it was clear that Austin was loving it. “I don’t want him to know how good this feels,” Austin confided during a quick breather. “But holy shit … it feels so fucking good!”

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