Sean Cody: Jessie and Liev: Bareback: Pt 2

“The last time you were here,” Sean Cody said to Jessie, “I remember you really dumped a load!” … “Yes,” he replied. “Every time I cum, it is a lot!” … Liev raised an eyebrow and smiled. He was intrigued. “He is cute!” Jessie said, looking directly at Liev. “When I found out that I was going to be doing it with him I was very excited. I looked at all of his work.” … “His work?” Sean asked … “On the site,” he replied. “It’s pretty awesome.” … Of course, now Liev was grinning ear-to-ear. He was looking forward to this too! … “Wow,” Jessie said after getting fucked for a few minutes by Liev. “I was not expecting that!” … “Is it OK?” Liev asked … “Oh my god, yes,” Jessie said. “It’s so long … nothing has ever been so deep before!” … Liev laughed. “It feels good … I’m not taking it out!”

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