Sean Cody: Hugh and Pavel

“Dude, he’s huge!” Pavel said seconds after he saw Hugh naked. Sean Cody wasn’t entirely sure if he was referring to Hugh’s muscles, his thick cock, or both. Either way, Pavel had a smile on his face, so Sean knew he was happy, for one reason or other! Pavel has been featured before in a solo shoot at Fit Dudes Nude … as has Hugh in his original Fit Dudes Nude solo shoot. But getting back to today’s duo scene … Pavel is not shy … “I wan’t to get a taste of this,” Pavel said, grabbing Hugh’s cock. “ I’m not sure I’ll be able to get my mouth around it …” but he tried and surprisingly, he was able to take most of it. Hugh was at full mast when he said he was ready to fuck Pavel. He went in slowly at first, but then sped up.

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