Raw Fuck Boys: Logan and Hunter and Calvin

Hunter was jealous of Jason’s hot, anonymous skull-fucking. Watching his friend, Calvin, dominate his roommate’s mouth and cum down his throat, he found himself wanting to have the same experience for himself. Hunter asked his buddy if he could help him out, to which the masculine muscle man happily accepted.

Keeping his word, Calvin found a hot guy to come over and deep-dick his buddy’s face. Hunter covers his eyes with a bandanna and gets on his knees, waiting for the stranger to enter the room. And as soon as he hears the unknown pair of footsteps coming down the hall, his heart races and his dick hardens instantly…

Calvin’s guest, Logan, watches as the sexy man kneeling before him works on his cock without hesitation. Hunter laps at his sweaty nuts and takes his shaft deep into his mouth, massaging it with his soft lips. Logan can’t help but get closer to orgasm, and Hunter can’t wait to earn his creamy cum reward!