Debt Dandy: Tattooed Hottie In Severe Debt Goes Gay For Pay

Today’s mission took the Debt Dandy to the outskirts of Prague. After almost a full one hour drive he finally reached an area where obviously no-one really would want to live. Large communist buildings; each of them built for hundreds of families. Even the doorbell wasn’t working. So I had to wait a couple of minutes until today’s “client“ showed up to open the door. His apartment was basically a small room as he shared the flat with 2 mates to reduce the costs. And as he moved in just recently he didn’t even have a bed. Instead, luckily for us, he had a lot of debts. He was a straight guy in his mid-twenties working in a tattoo-studio. A real challenge, but our cameraman still managed to get his cock deep into his arse … bareback too!

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