Czech Hunter: The Young Guy At The Mall

Jiri, a friend of the Czech Hunter cameraman told him about his most recent success picking up young guys in a local shopping mall. So our trusty cameraman decided to also try his luck there today too. The first guy he met looked muscular, but a bit old, but he agreed to show off his dick for 1,000 crowns. He even started to jerk it! But when the cameraman tried to touch it, he almost freaked out. Oh well, on to someone else … He soon found another guy. Much more handsome, and with a fun character and seemingly bi-curious … even tho he denied it. Our cameraman made a good offer to see his dick. The guy accepted and showed off his soft cock, but also said that it’s much bigger when it’s hard. Well, guess what: the cameraman offered him more to show how it looks when it’s hard. And so they moved over to some bushes close to the rail-road tracks … wonder what happens next? … check out the pics below!

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