Czech Hunter: The Theme Park: Pt 1

Do you know what is best about Theme Parks? There are a lot of young guys. And the Czech Hunter cameraman has a new hobby … he likes to buy their underwear. Yes. And he has already collected a lot. Maybe he could sell them online after he has finished with them? Anyway … recently he went to the local Theme Park. And it was not very crowded. When he spotted a young lad gambling at one of those stupid cheating machines he didn’t hesitate to approach him. He told him that he was making a documentary about the park and that he need his opinion about a few attractions. It was really hard to persuade him to stop gambling. But it was rather easy to convince him to show off his cock and sell his undies. Guys, this movie is a real must! He end’s up getting fucked … bareback too! Drop back tomorrow for Part 2!

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