Czech Hunter: The Student From Out Of Town

The sun was shining and the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to visit the Petrin. This is a famous hill in Prague which is also a park and highly frequented by tourists, but also by many youngsters. Mainly couples, but he still wanted to try his luck. After a quick 20 minutes he found the perfect match for the day. A cute young student from Brno visiting his girlfriend in Prague. He didn’t have a part-time job and was even still living with his parents. The only thing was that he claimed not to have was time … because he was supposed to meet his girlfriend nearby in half hour. But when saw the wad of cash being offered, that quickly got his full attention! A few moments later he receive a text message that the girlfriend had missed her train … now he had some spare time, but would his nervousness and shyness prevent him from bending over for a big hard raw uncut cock?

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