Czech Hunter: The Hitchhiker: Pt 1

Most drivers never stop for hitchhikers. But the Czech Hunter cameraman does stop for friendly young men. He noticed a boy while waiting at the nearby set of traffic lights. So he switch on his cam as he learned one thing: you never know. The boy was very happy when he promised him a lift. He was in his College break and now he missed the bus back to his school. They talked for a while and when he told the cameraman that it is a private school and that even with the help of his parents he could hardly afford it he couldn’t resist to ask him for his opinion about the “fast money” porn. He told him that he was not sure if it was real. Then the cameraman asked him if he could imagine doing something similar for good money. Why? … Well, because you never know what might happen … check out what this lad did for money … sucking a big fat uncut cock, bareback fucking and a cum facial! Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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