Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad Down By The River

It was a nice warm day in Prague and the Czech Hunter cameraman was on the prowl for cute young guys willing to share some outdoor action with his big hard cock … for money of course! He decided to try his luck down near the local river … the are had been done up recently and now had lots of nice places where young lads hung out, eating and drinking in the sun! He soon spied a young lad sitting alone by the water and went over and started to chat. The guy was waiting for a friend to arrive, but it seemed he was late, probably a no-show. So our cameraman suggested they take a paddle boat ride. They had a great time relaxing and the lad even jerked our cameraman off! Once back on land, they moved to a secluded location and, for a lot of cash, he was willing to get naked, finger his own arsehole and then get it fucked raw!

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