ChaosMen: Ezekiel and Hayden

Ezekiel told ChaosMen that he would be down for fucking another dude. He wasn’t ready to suck on dick yet, but since Hayden enjoys getting fucked, and he never takes it personally that a dude won’t suck him back, in today’s video he just gets in there and makes things happen. Hayden starts off by riding Ezekiel’s dick. A little wobbly to start with but they both quickly get their rhythm and we see some awesome penetration. Ezekiel is a little guy but his uncut cock can grow to a solid 7 – 8 inches. And Ezekiel’s first time breeding a guy goes very smoothly. He unloads on Hayden’s hole, rubs it round and juices him properly … but you’ll have to join ChaosMen to see that action!

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