ChaosMen: Allen and Booker

Booker has done video work before, but ChaosMen wanted to see how he was on set working with another guy. Booker was eager to show off his Topping skills, and Allen, well, he was pretty horny before the shoot. Booker hasn’t Topped before, and Allen kinda gets-off on being fucked … so, even tho this shoot started off as a Serviced video, it quickly changed. Allen can really suck a dick, and he had Booker all charged-up and super hard with his sloppy blow job. Both guys like eating ass, and after Allen eats out Booker’s hole, Booker was ready to return the favour. He loved rimming while getting his dick sucked. Allen flips around and makes Booker suck his dick, inching his ass ever closer to Booker’s cock. He finally slowly slides it in … raw … and before they knew it, they had a full bareback sex scene unfolding! Hot stuff!

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