Spritzz: Bjorn Nykvist and Nathan Reyes

Handsome Spritzz model Nathan Reyes has been lusting after his new roommate for a few days and now he simply can’t restrain himself any longer. Watching Bjorn Nykvist nap with his shorts undone is the kind of invitation the horny lad just can’t refuse. He wakes the hung young man with the feel of his greedy cock sucking mouth around his released uncut meat, slurping that hooded tip and drinking the clear precum oozing from him. Bjorn is happy for the company, soon ready to return the friendly favour. With a cock like Bjorn’s, it’s only right that Nathan demand that dick in his bare rear hole, something his roommate is more than happy to provide, spooning the guy, fucking him deep from behind and giving him a bouncing ride on his incredible pink meat.

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Spritzz: Thomas Swings and Jay Ozzy

Arty boy Jay takes his new friend, Spritzz model Thomas to a special little spot where they can get their big teen cocks out for some afternoon fun. Handsome Jay has a great veiny piece of fuck-meat for Thomas to suck on, but he’s soon gobbling on the gorgeous boys long uncut meat too before diving his tongue between the twink’s cheeks and licking him out. With that pucker nice and wet Jay slides his raw meat deep into his friend, fucking smooth boy Thomas right there on an old table. After pulling out and splashing the boy’s balls with cum he licks up his mess and gets another pumping splash from his bottom pal.

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Spritzz: Lior Hod and Casper Ivarsson

Lior Hod knows his buddy and Spritzz model Casper Ivarsson likes a good piece of hard uncut cock, so when he catches the guy alone and with time to spare, he surprises him with the offer of his long uncut boner. Casper could never turn down such an offer, especially not from a good buddy. With the taste of Lior’s precum on his tongue his own rigid meat is out, the friends moving to the bedroom where Lior can suck him in return and slide that raw fuck-stick right into his tight little hairy hole!

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Spritzz: Dom Ully and Danny Torro

It was a good game, now it’s time for a little celebration in the Spritzz locker room. Dom was preparing to enjoy a little wank, but when blond lad Danny catches him toying with the boner tenting his football shorts, he’s eager to lend a mouth, and a raw fuck hole! After sucking on that solid footballer dick, he gets his own pale uncut shaft out for the lad to slurp and service, but it’s the feel of raw locker room cock up his hole that player Dom really craves. Danny slides his naked length into the inked lad’s pucker, filling him up and fucking him raw right there on the bench, taking it to the floor for an awesome ride and finishing up with a cum-loaded score as both boners spew lashings of hot cream. It’s a good thing the rest of the team didn’t catch them, Dom would probably have taken all those dicks!

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