Raw Fuck Boys: Logan and Hunter and Calvin: Chapter 2

Hunter loves having his cock sucked. But the way Logan takes it is unlike anything he’s ever experienced before! Seeing his meat disappear in the hungry mouth of a blindfolded bottom was beyond thrilling. He asked Jason if he could set something up for him again, and the horny director was happy to oblige…

This time, however, Jason wants to give his roommate, Hunter, the chance to taste his buddy’s hot, alpha cock! Calvin brings his friend, Logan, with him to film. After all, Calvin loves the idea of being able to watch his friend suck his cock over and over.

Calvin didn’t know it was Hunter at first, but the big muscle jock’s moans of pleasure were an easy tell. Regardless, Hunter was happy to take care of his buddy and give him the total anonymous cocksucker fantasy. He worships the big man’s cock, loving every moment of it as it fills his mouth and throat!

Raw Fuck Boys: JJ and Spencer Bareback

Spencer’s smooth, firm body fits perfectly against JJ’s lean, athletic frame. The two horny studs are in peak physical shape and primed for some hot, energetic fucking! JJ kneels down to lick Spencer’s hard cock, worshipping it from the head down to his heavy, cum-filled nuts. Spencer moans as he gets even more excited, eager to taste the sexy stud in return.

The blonde beefcake swallows JJ’s massive meat, making it swell between his lips as he sucks it down. JJ can’t take his hands off of him, completely enamoured with his amazing skills. With the taste of his cock still on his tongue, JJ can hardly wait to put Spencer on all fours to devour his thick, muscular bubble butt. As his tongue gets it wet and warmed up, his giant cock hangs between his legs, dripping at the thought of sliding inside…

As JJ slides his cock into Spencer’s hole, the blonde bottom’s mouth falls open as his insides split to take his huge man meat. With each bare inch, Spencer can feel the top dominating his body.

And before he can even ask for more, JJ begins power-fucking him, making his ass bounce as JJ’s cock slams deep into his prostate. All Spencer can do is grip onto the bed and withstand each thrust, excited for the next, and to feel his load burst inside him!

Raw Fuck Boys: Jason and Hunter and Calvin: Chapter 2

Jason brings his blindfolded face to the edge of the bed, waiting for the stranger his roommate has invited in to unzip his pants. He doesn’t know how old he is, where he’s from, or even if it’s someone he’s already met. All he knows is that he has one job: suck his cock to completion…

What Jason doesn’t know is that Hunter’s friend, Calvin, has taken over the camera, giving Hunter the chance to fuck his roommate’s face with total anonymity! All Jason feels is the young stud’s girthy, uncut cock sliding to the back of his throat, using him to edge closer to orgasm.

Hunter holds Jason’s head in place, feeling his lips slide over his shaft, working him over as he strokes the hot top with his mouth; making sure he can thrust deep into his mouth to let his hot load loose. Jason swallows it down, happy to be of service and hungry for more!

Raw Fuck Boys: Logan and Hunter and Calvin

Hunter was jealous of Jason’s hot, anonymous skull-fucking. Watching his friend, Calvin, dominate his roommate’s mouth and cum down his throat, he found himself wanting to have the same experience for himself. Hunter asked his buddy if he could help him out, to which the masculine muscle man happily accepted.

Keeping his word, Calvin found a hot guy to come over and deep-dick his buddy’s face. Hunter covers his eyes with a bandanna and gets on his knees, waiting for the stranger to enter the room. And as soon as he hears the unknown pair of footsteps coming down the hall, his heart races and his dick hardens instantly…

Calvin’s guest, Logan, watches as the sexy man kneeling before him works on his cock without hesitation. Hunter laps at his sweaty nuts and takes his shaft deep into his mouth, massaging it with his soft lips. Logan can’t help but get closer to orgasm, and Hunter can’t wait to earn his creamy cum reward!