Dom King and Sam Ledger: Good Rubber: Pt 1

As soon as model Sam Ledger sees the TV ad for the Good Rubber car dealership, starring hot salesman Dom King, he pulls out his life savings and goes to find himself a ride. Dom knows there’s a sucker born every minute, and he plans to make Sam the newest … one way or another. As Sam bends over to check out the trunk space, Dom yanks down his pants and fucks him from behind, then they head outside where Sam sucks the top. Dom picks up the twink for a reverse stand and carry, then fucks him doggystyle bent over a hood. Dom hammers Sam missionary in the back of an SUV till the bottom cums, then gives him a facial before they go hammer out the deal in his office!

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Things get romantic between models Trevor Brooks and twink Sam Ledger as they take a walk in the woods and make out under a tree. The guys will remember this day forever, and their kissing quickly turns to more as Sam sucks the top on the couch. Trevor holds Sam’s thin body as he fucks his tight hole, then drills him spoon before sucking the bottom’s cock and rimming him. Sam loves every inch as Trevor pounds him in superman and missionary till he cums. Trevor turns the bottom on all fours to fuck him in doggy-style before busting all over his arsehole.

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Benjamin Blue is more interested in taking voting booth dick pics and fucking his arse with a marker than actually marking his ballot paper. When poll booth worker and model Gabriel Clark hears the horny twink getting up to mischief, he slips into the next booth and thrusts his cock through the glory hole! After a hot blowjob, Gabriel opens the curtains to eat the bottom’s arse before fucking him doggy-style. Benjamin then rides the top’s dick, and Gabriel fucks him and jacks off the bottom till he cums. Gabriel covers Benjamin’s face with an “I voted!” sticker and a hot load.

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