Latin Boyz: Travi and Angelo

Travi likes doing Latin Boyz raw fucking videos so he can earn some fast money and bust a nut at the same time. Site Members would already know that he is a tatted straight Latino that is always horny and he can’t find enough pussy to keep himself satisfied. Obviously none of the other models that are either bottoms or versatile have any complaints about that. That is because Travi has a nice big eight inch uncut Latino cock and he knows how to use it. Travi called the site photographer recently and told him that he was horny as hell and would really love to get a blow job. He wants to know if he can do an oral only scene, but when he saw Angelo’s arse he quickly changed his mind and was eager to stick his hard raw dick into it!

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Latin Boyz: Pablito and “The Big One”

18-year-old Pablito is a friend of the Latin Boyz photographer and loves Latino twink bareback fucking and has wanted to do a video for the site for a long time. But he has never worked up the nerve to actually do it. Then a couple days ago he met another 18-year-old guy in a public restroom at a department store. They ended up fucking right on the spot. So, he shows up at the photographers house the next day to introduce his friend whom he refers to as “The Big One”. Undoubtedly, he is endowed with a VERY big one and knows how to fuck really good in this hot new Amateur Action segment.

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Latin Boyz: Dante and Andy

The Latin Boyz film crew know their members love watching hot guys getting fucked raw by Latino monster cocks. The story behind today’s new Amateur Action scene is interesting. Dante works out at a local gym where he likes to use the punching bag to relieve the stress. Previously he had noticed 21-year-old Andy helping other guys working work out and discovered that he is a personal trainer. One day they were both working out and just happened to be the only guys in the gym. Dante approaches him about getting training lessons but explains that he doesn’t have a lot of money to pay him. Before even telling him the price Andy tells him not to worry and says, “I know how you can pay me.” He then grabs Dante’s big dick and starts sucking it. Just as they started fucking someone walked into the gym so they headed to a private place to continue this hot fuck-fest.

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Latin Boyz: Talvez and Eddie

So, according to Latin Boyz, the back story to this video goes as follows … Talvez is walking down the street thinking about one of the gay Latino bareback videos he had watched earlier that morning. Of course, this causes his dick to get hard. He has it under control but decides to go into a restroom inside a nearby restaurant and jack off to relieve the pressure. Obviously, the big bulge is going to catch someone’s attention. Little does he know he is being followed by a cute Latin (Eddie) that notices the bulge in his shorts and his trying to hide his own hard on. They enter the restroom at nearly the same time. The twink quietly locks the door behind them and stands at the urinal next to Talvez. He pulls out his hard cock and starts stroking it right away. Talvez notices and pulls his own throbbing dick out for Eddie to look at. Clearly Eddie isn’t going to waste a moment like this. He immediately drops to his knees and starts sucking Talvez’ big dick. After a couple minutes he’s rewarded with a huge load of cum being shot down his throat. Before going their separate ways they exchanged numbers and Eddie lets it be know he wants to get fucked. Talvez says he wants to do it but only if they do it in a Latin Boyz video together … and here it is!

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