Guys In Sweatpants: Christian and Max: A Raw Flip Flop and Facial

It’s almost like Christian’s dick and Max’s arse were made for each other. They both showed off their deep-throating skills to each other in this video from Guys In Sweatpants before having one of the best flip-flop fuck-fests that you’ll ever get to see. They’re both amazing bottoms, but both know how to do some real topping just as well! Between the cock-swallowing, arse eating, making out, cum facial, and spitting on their raw cocks before penetrating balls deep, you’ll have a hard time working out which bit is your favourite!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Clark Peter and Colton Grey: Clark Is A Hole

It’s been awhile since the crew over at Guys In Sweatpants have seen Clark’s hole get stretched out, and he wanted Colton and his thick man meat to do the honours. Clark may have a big dick, but he loves being a willing hole for a big cock just as much as the next bottom. Sometimes you just wanna use a hole until it drains every last drop of your load out, especially when that hole turns into a huge cum slut at the end and lets his top wipe and spit his load in his mouth and face! Another sloppy hole fucked and satisfied!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Austin Breeds Christian

Christian, a cute young lad who’s pretty new to all of this, hit up the Guys In Sweatpants team a few months ago wanting to come out and have some fun. He told them that Austin was actually the reason he wanted to get in front of the camera in the first place, so imagine what was going through his head when he knew he was about to take Austin’s huge cock and raw load! Their chemistry was intense right off the bat, and Christian took that fat cock like a champ!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Liam and Michael

Guys In Sweatpants reckon … Life is better naked. Life is also better with friends. So why not be naked, with friends? Well, Liam and Michael did just that in their recent visit. Their chemistry was on point too, which made this sex that much better. Michael has a really nice fat cock, which Liam had no problem completely deep-throating. It was fucking impressive. Add to that the fact that Michael is completely versatile, but insatiable when it comes to bottoming! You just gotta love those power top/bottoms. So Liam fucked him bareback … in almost every position possible … until Michael finally climbed on top and it hit that perfect spot and he blew his load straight into the air!

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