Guys In Sweatpants: Lance and Michael: When Friends Fuck

Lance and Michael are hometown friends who, up until this point in their lives, had never had sex together. They’ve had plenty of good times together, as they hilariously explained to the Guys In Sweatpants cameraman. One of them even admits to having a crush on the other at one point in the past! Once they were done talking tho, they completely ravage each other. Michael ferociously eats Lance’s arse, then throws him over the back of the couched and fucks him raw!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Chandler and Lukas: Chandler Loses His Virginity

A few weeks ago, Chandler came to Guys In Sweatpants wanting to get his dick sucked. Little did they know at the time, but he was still a complete virgin! They still aren’t sure if he came back again this week just to lose his virginity, or so he could fuck another guy while losing his virginity. Either way, he’s here and we get to see him pumping his rock-hard cock deep into Lukas’ raw butt hole!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Garrett Cums In Andrew

The Guys In Sweatpants cameraman pulled Andrew aside to talk while Garrett was in the shower and getting ready to fuck with him. It turns out he has a thing for huge cocks and everyone was looking forward to seeing his nice furry arse getting pounded by Garrett’s big cock. The chemistry between these two was off the charts from beginning to end! Garrett slammed Andrew’s hole the entire time until he blew his load deep inside him!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Christian and Max: A Raw Flip Flop and Facial

It’s almost like Christian’s dick and Max’s arse were made for each other. They both showed off their deep-throating skills to each other in this video from Guys In Sweatpants before having one of the best flip-flop fuck-fests that you’ll ever get to see. They’re both amazing bottoms, but both know how to do some real topping just as well! Between the cock-swallowing, arse eating, making out, cum facial, and spitting on their raw cocks before penetrating balls deep, you’ll have a hard time working out which bit is your favourite!

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