Freshmen: Rico Gabbani and Stefan Faber

Both Rico and Stefan started working for Freshmen earlier this year, so they are unsure of their future. Covid 19 has played havoc with the filming schedule, so the crew haven’t been able to work with either boy as much as they would have liked. Strip poker is far too sedentary for these strapping newbies, so they elected to pursue the more athletic strip tennis. These two fit and sporty newbies are pleasing to the eye and have nice dicks. They also put on quite a good show.

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Freshmen: Kieran Benning and Ayden Mallory

It is Kieran Benning’s lucky day as Kevin, Ayden Mallory’s would-be trainer, has gone AW0L. Ayden is also lucky as Kieran is a cool substitute teacher who decided to toss today’s “lesson plan”. While there is no actual “training” in this Freshmen training session, Kieran elects instead to engage in playful love making with his “student”. Judging by Ayden’s performance, there is little training needed anyway.

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Freshmen: Elio Chalamet and Riff Dornan and Bart Cuban

Just as Elio and Riff had finished showering and getting cleaned up from their torrid lovemaking earlier in the day, they get a surprise visit from Riff’s Hungarian buddy, Bart Cuban. The Freshmen crew had intended that both Riff and Elio would fuck Bart in this scene, but greedy Elio could not resist another cock up his hungry butt. So, in the end, everyone ended up topping …and all but Riff bottomed!

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Freshmen: Justin Saradon and Nikk Lainer: Part 1

It’s a hurly-burley world, gripped by a pandemic and no industry – certainly not the porn industry – has immunity. So, Freshmen hope you’ll forgive them springing Nikk Lanier’s first scenes prior to his formal introduction, which will come early in the new year. Those concerned with the break from protocol can take solace that this scene is a special flip flop featuring the one and only Justin Saradon. Though this is the first time they’ve met, one can easily imagine them becoming best (fuck) buddies. Both have a huge sexual appetite and possess similar physiques and dicks. Check out Part 1 below and come back tomorrow for Part 2!

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