Freshmen: Elio Chalamet and Riff Dornan and Bart Cuban

Just as Elio and Riff had finished showering and getting cleaned up from their torrid lovemaking earlier in the day, they get a surprise visit from Riff’s Hungarian buddy, Bart Cuban. The Freshmen crew had intended that both Riff and Elio would fuck Bart in this scene, but greedy Elio could not resist another cock up his hungry butt. So, in the end, everyone ended up topping …and all but Riff bottomed!

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Freshmen: Allan Aimee and Nate Donaghy

Freshmen decided to pair Allan Aimee with one of their wild boys, Nate Donaghy. This scene was filmed last winter during one of Prague’s coldest days. The scene starts off with Allan freezing his butt off while waiting outside on a park bench and so when Nate brings him inside, he quickly sets out to make his frigid friend as warm as possible, taking off his clothes so that he may apply some body heat. After unwrapping his “present” Nate decides that Allan’s dick and arse need some extra special attention!

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Freshmen: Olaf Mortensen and Orri Aasen

The Freshmen film crew are hoping this isn’t true, but Orri Aasen has informed them that he wishes to retire and live off his porno-pension. One of the guys tho, very cleverly, quickly informs him that receiving this pension is contingent upon him providing a replacement guy as good or better than himself! The determined Orri finds Olaf Mortensen, a handsome lad who could easily pass as his younger brother. Having passed the cuteness criteria, Orri must now demonstrate that Olaf is as good as he is sexually. Orri tries to prove Olaf worthy by demonstrating Olaf’s skills as a bottom. Should Orri get his pension? Or does he need to work a little harder?

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Freshmen: John Lennox and Bruce Querelle

Seems we all have different priorities. Bruce wants to improve his English; John wants to fuck. While we all know whose priorities will win out, credit should be given to Bruce for trying to hold out after being presented with John’s tempting and tasty arse. Though this is still one of John’s newer scenes with Freshmen, you can still see marked improvement in terms of performance and self-confidence from his previous two scenes.

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