Drill My Hole: Ryan Bones and Charly Willinsky: Fuck the Apocalypse

Wandering through the forest of the post-apocalyptic landscape, sub Charly Willinsky has gone days without food, shelter … or cock. He spots a house and cautiously approaches, but inside he finds it’s occupied by Drill My Hole model Ryan Bones, a muscular top. Charly is surprised to turn on the TV and find it playing porn, and while he’s distracted, Ryan sneaks up on him and tells him to leave. Charly begs the sexy top to let him stay, offering to help slake his hunger for fucking. Ryan fucks Charly’s arse with a dildo, then feeds him his cock before the bottom sits on his dick. They fuck doggy-style on the floor, and Charly rides Ryan, then takes a deep missionary pounding till he cums. Charly hungrily laps up Ryan’s cum as the top gives him a facial. Ryan will let him stay after all!

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Drill My Hole: Markus Kage and Jeremy London: Work (That Arse) From Home

Jeremy London is late for an important video meeting, so he hurriedly puts on his boxers and a shirt as he looks for his laptop. His boyfriend Drill My Hole model Markus Kage chuckles as Jeremy tries to use the vibrator lying on the table as a mouse, activating the vibrations with his phone. The toy gives Markus an idea: As Jeremy tries to stay professional in a video conference with his boss, the naughty top crawls under the table, rips a hole in his man’s under-drawers, and slips the vibrator into his hole! When Markus turns up the toy, Jeremy has to log off as he cums hard all over his webcam. Jeremy starts sucking Markus’s cock, then rides it on the floor before the top picks him up and puts him on the table to fuck his arse missionary. Jeremy bends over for some doggy-style till Markus pulls out to cum all over the vibrator. Jeremy slides it back inside, then gets back to work!

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Drill My Hole: Jason Vario and Skyy Knox: A Hump In The Night

Drill My Hole model Jason Vario is jacking his big cock in bed when sneaky, ski-masked burglar Skyy Knox sneaks into his home and starts rifling through his belongings. When Jason hears a noise, he puts on a towel and goes downstairs to surprise the burglar, but he gives Skyy a different kind of surprise when his towel falls to the floor! The burglar will do whatever it takes to get the burly homeowner not to call the cops, including getting to his knees to take a deep face-fuck. Jason then eats Skyy’s hole and sucks his cock, then pushes him up against the wall to fuck his raw arse hard. Jason puts Skyy in piledriver before the bottom rides Jason’s cock till he cums hard and takes a hot load in his mouth.

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Drill My Hole: Pierce Paris and Nate Grimes and Johnny B: Double Facial by Surprise

Nate Grimes asked his polyamorous boyfriends and fellow Drill My Hole models Pierce Paris and Johnny B for a double facial, but at the last second, he dodged it! Johnny and Pierce resolve to get Nate next time, but he keeps eluding all their attempts, while sneakily jizzing on both their faces when they least expect it. After blindfolding the cum dodger with his own underwear, the guys finally give Nate what’s been cumming to him, then celebrate with a threesome. Johnny fucks Nate doggy-style as Nate sucks Pierce’s cock, then it’s Johnny’s turn to get pounded in pile-driver by Pierce as he sucks Nate’s dick before Nate fucks Johnny doggy-style. Pierce and Nate take turns stretching Johnny’s tight hole, then Nate lies back to take the double facial he deserves before cumming all over himself!

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