ChaosMen: Gennaro and Jet: RAW

Gennaro seems to be getting a lot more comfortable having gay sex with guys these days. He seems to be down with sucking, and the fucking has definitely gotten easier for him … and Jet actually blows two nuts during this shoot from ChaosMen. For Gennaro’s cum shot … he actually unloads deep inside of Jet … and for Breeding shot lovers … the cum dripping out was just right … and you might suspect it continued to drip out of Jet the rest of day!

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ChaosMen: Ethan and Sage and Troi: RAW Tag Team

Ethan did such a great job in his Tag Team oral at ChaosMen recently, that the camera crew just knew he would love having two hung dudes to service him fully by getting all his holes filled! Troi and Sage both have significantly large uncut cocks, so plenty of time was spent getting Ethan in the right frame-of-mind, until he was eager and begging to have his arse penetrated!

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ChaosMen: Malik and Troi

In this super-hot barebacking video, ChaosMen was able to get the guys to indulge in some nice armpit worship. At first the film crew were expecting Malik would just sniff and lick Troi’s pits. Instead, Malik totally fucks Troi’s armpit, then makes Troi suck and wet his now musky cock. It’s super-hot seeing a straight guy suck on another man’s cock that has just been in his own armpit! Next Troi rims Malik’s arsehole, and then sucks Malik’s monster cock backwards between his legs. After slicking up Malik’s hole with his spit, Troi slides his cock in surprisingly easily! It sure does make you wonder how good Troi’s cock must feel buried so deep inside you!

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