Freshmen: Andre Boleyn and Fabien Jacq

Fabian Jacq is cast as a twinky newbie in this scene from Freshmen and as such he is the bottom for this encounter and the much more experienced Andre Boleyn plays things a bit gentler than he would normally. But, as Fabien seems to have no trouble handling the girth of his buddy’s cock, perhaps Andre could have gone harder! However, Fabien’s blissfully happy smile the entire time he’s being fucked indicates that Andre did everything exactly right.

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Freshmen: Olaf Mortensen and Orri Aasen

The Freshmen film crew are hoping this isn’t true, but Orri Aasen has informed them that he wishes to retire and live off his porno-pension. One of the guys tho, very cleverly, quickly informs him that receiving this pension is contingent upon him providing a replacement guy as good or better than himself! The determined Orri finds Olaf Mortensen, a handsome lad who could easily pass as his younger brother. Having passed the cuteness criteria, Orri must now demonstrate that Olaf is as good as he is sexually. Orri tries to prove Olaf worthy by demonstrating Olaf’s skills as a bottom. Should Orri get his pension? Or does he need to work a little harder?

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Reality Dudes: Chris Manning and Ricky Daniels: Gameday Dickdown

College athlete Ricky Daniels is so anxious about his first time starting in the big game, he’s going to pace a hole in the floor! Luckily, his roommate, Reality Dudes model Chris Manning, knows just how to help take the edge off, giving Ricky’s toned abs some soothing strokes of his hand before sucking the QB’s cock. Ricky gets his mind off his nerves and on to Chris’s hole, fucking the bottom lad before telling Chris to get on top. Ricky pounds Chris’s arse doggy-style finally before pulling out and cumming all over him. Ricky feels much better, and Chris would be happy to help out the rest of the team!

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