FraternityX: Pay Back

The FraternityX guys were fed up with Carter, he’s been playing the house heavy since he moved in there. So they tied his bitch arse up and taught him a lesson. Four dudes ducked taped his hands and mouth while Jackson pounded his hot arse. Trevor couldn’t help but suck the cum right out of Carter’s cock while he was getting force fucked. Then both dudes turned on Trevor, fucked and breed his hole too!

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Czech Hunter: The Hottie From The Train Station

The Czech Hunter cameraman met an absolutely amazing young man in the metro train station this week. He took a ride with him, and he didn’t seem to mind him tagging along and filming him. They talked about modelling and part time jobs, about a need for cash … and soon the conversation was going right direction. By the time they got off a subway the cameraman knew this lad was ready and knew what was about the happen! They took a bus to his place, and during the ride he even showed off his cock and started to jerk the cameraman’s fat uncut cock off! Later they really got down to it, cock sucking and bareback fucking … and it all finished with a beautiful cum facial all over his handsome face!

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Czech Hunter: The Guy From The Shopping Mall

Just before Christmas the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to check his favourite shopping mall for some cute guys. After about 15 minutes he finally saw one, albeit he was actually kinda over-cautious. He didn’t even want to tell him his name nor where he works. Anyway, he started to listen a bit more careful when he was told about a model agency and that there was some money to be made. Our cameraman somehow convinced him that he needed to make a short casting video with him. Of course he had to promise some money for it too. But when they arrived at the hotel he didn’t even want to show off his dick … at first … check out below what happened later!

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